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Recycled pallets is here to put themselves on the UK Map to become the refurbished pallet company to deal with who can offer a one stop shop. Repairing pallets / Collecting redundant pallets from your company and Heat treating your pallets to ispm 15. We will supply our pallets anywhere in the UK. If we cannot supply you with Recycled Pallets, we can manufacture Brand New Pallets for a price very close to a Reconditioned Pallet.

We can always guarantee that you will never run out of pallets. With New or with second hand if we have them in stock. We can also heat treat pallets to ispm 15 very cheap because we run our own kilns of the wood chip we produce from our Timber Mill.

Coming soon to South Wales, Heat Treated Pallets .org.uk, watch this space, we can Heat Treat your pallets to ISPM - 15, or Kiln Dried to a very low moisture content.

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Recycled Wooden Pallets

We collect pallets and pay you for them.

Recycled pallets is here to offer your company something special. We can also take your redundant pallets away for repair, or if there is any value in the pallets we collect we can offer you a payment on these in return.

Recycled pallets A Grade Euro Pallets
Heat Treated Pallets Heat Treated Pallets


Heat Treated or Kiln Dried recycled pallets.

Having several kilns onsite we can heat treat or kiln dry several thousand pallets at any one time. We have also invested in a new Biomass boiler which is run of our wood waste from our timber mill. We can also supply you with an ISPM-15 certificate and we will also mark the timber or wooden pallets with the correct IPPC stamp. If you are having problem with moldy pallets we are able to kiln dry pallets to below 15% moisture content which will help to prevent mold. Give us a ring today and let one of our experienced pallet team help you with all your needs. For all your heat treated recycled pallets there is only one place to go for quality price and service.


Massive shortages of second hand pallets in the UK

The second hand pallet or recycled pallet market is in big trouble, there are huge shortages throughout the UK, I don't think these Bio Mass wood burners are helping the situation. People are burning good recycled pallets when there is still a few years left of work in them. Something needs to be done. South wales is struggling and we are also getting phone calls on a daily bases from second hand pallet merchants all over the Uk searching for pallets. We do have a slight advantage over many recycled pallet companies where we can offer a new pallet at a slightly higher price, guaranteeing we can keep there companies going with pallets for a slight increase in price for the short term. Give us a call today and lets see what we can offer you. Our pallet repair service can be offered at any one of our Satellite depots around the UK.

Don`t worry about the shortages....We also Manufacture brand new pallets @ close to second hand prices.

At Recycled Pallets.co.uk not only do we supply second hand pallets, we also manufacture brand new pallets. Within our company we are running Ten full automated pallet lines, In total we are manufacturing around 70,000 new pallets every week, thats without the 20,000 new epal europallets we manufacture every month.

Brand new Euro Pallet Collars

If your looking for Euro Pallet collars then look no further, we not only supply the collars at recycled pallets South Wales, but we also supply the Euro pallets New or second hand, A grades which have only been used a couple of times and B grades which are fit for purpose but can be slightly weathered. We also keep in stock the ply wood lids that sit on the collar perfect to create a secure case and we also supply a hard board pad that can sit inside the collar to stop anything small falling through the gaps in the pallets. To also add that little bit extra we supply a cardboard divider set that site inside the collar to create different sections to seperate different products, small motors in one section and the nuts and bolts in the other sections. let me know if you would like to see some photos or just go and look at europallets .co.uk where they have photos on the website....

Scrap Pallet Collections

We are also able to offer scrap pallet collections anywhere in the Uk, We have a scrap pallet collection service at one of our satelite pallet repair site in the Leeds area.


Areas we cover: We will deliver our second hand pallets to the leeds area as well as redundant pallet collections.

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